Demography 213 Fall 2016

An introductory course for first year Demography Graduate Students in the use of the Demography Lab. Covers basic Unix skills & computing hygiene, LaTeX and the R computing environment.

R is the common computing language of the Demography Department and as such, the mastery of R will be an important by-product of the course. The primary purpose of the course, however, is to develop general computing skills-- specifically: (1) design and implementation of algorithms and (2) good computing habits.

Weekly lab assignements will involve simulating interesting population processes and presenting the results in written and oral form. In addition to simulation, we will explore well known datasets such as historical Census, ACS, and the Current Population Survey. There is no final exam.

Since first year students are required to take Demography 110/210 simultaneously, this course complements that course in that it will provide the R background necessary for success.

The course meets once per week for a 1.0 hour lecture/demonstration. In addition there will be a 2.0 hour supervised lab weekly. Substantial work is expected outside of class, Friday afternoons, during my office hour is a particularly good time to do some of it. The texts for this class are