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Week Topic and Lab Reading
2019/08/26 No Monday Class (Instruction begins on Wed 8/28)
    2019/09/02 No Monday Class (Labor Day Holiday)
      2019/09/09 Introduction and Administrative Details Lab: Lab0
      2019/09/16 Post-contact new world demography: The Amerindian population decline demography and politics Lab: Mortality01 Question:mann
      2019/09/23 New world demography and mortality, Boserup and Malthus Lab: Mortality02
      2019/09/30 Fertility decline in the 19th and 20th Centuries Lab: Fertility Question:walker
      2019/10/07 Immigration and the demographic transition Lab: DemographicTransition01
      2019/10/14 Origins of the Great Migraion of African-Americans from the rural South to the urban North Lab: GreatMigration0 Question:lemann-01
      2019/10/21 The Great Migration Comparing leavers and stayers - total variational distance Lab: GreatMigration1 Question:lemann-02
      2019/10/28 Power Outage no class
        2019/11/04 Immigration and wages - economic theory Lab: wageImpacts0 Question:clemens
        2019/11/11 No Monday Class : A good week to use office hours
        2019/11/18 The Mariel Boatlift : a "natural experiment" Lab: marielBoatlift0 Question:card
        2019/11/25 The politics of immigration since 1965 and low pressure final project check in
        2019/12/02 The politics of immigration in the early 21st Century + "high pressure" final project check in
          2019/12/09 RRR Week
            2019/12/19 Scheduled Final Exam - Student Presentations